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December 2016



Wow! The Washington Huskies are going to play for the national championship! How cool is that? (Disclaimer: I'm a bandwagoner when it comes to college football. But still, this is exciting)


Office update, again!

I’m finally in my new office and writing this newsletter from my new desk. Well, sort of a new desk. I actually built it myself from a spare piece of melamine and some Ikea desk legs. So it’s half new?
Now I have a lot more space to spin and roll around in my new office chair, the awesome X-Chair.
I still have some organizing to do and I'm still trying to remember where I've put things. But this has been a great opportunity to toss a lot of sh.....stuff.
My next major task is to get Bailey to want to stay out here for more than five or ten minutes at a time. I'm afraid she likes "her" couch too much.

My "rules" for better compositions

I've assembled a few of my most inspiring gems in one epic blog post.
Epic might be stretching it a bit.

Still, these are the suggestions I make at every workshop, little tips that simly work and have helped me out over the years. So head on over to my blog and bask in the wisdom. Or something.


Palouse starting to fill

My Palouse workshop has always been one of my most popular. The 2017 trip seems to be no exception. As of this writing, I have only four spaces remaining.
One thing I like about going to the Palouse every year is that it's always changing and I'm always finding something new. Last year we photographed wind turbines in fields of canola, for instance. And the views from Steptoe Butte can change daily, depending on weather, clouds, temperature, etc.
I think it's safe to say that I've seen more award winning photos from past participants come from this workshop. It's always great to hear when someone wins a contest or gets an award at an art show. And pictures from the Palouse always seem to do well.
For information on this and my other workshops, including the Columbia River Gorge, Olympic National Park, and Iceland, visit my workshops site at

Nikon D750 for sale

My friend Brenda Berry is selling her spare Nikon D750. This is a full-frame 24 Megapixel camera. It’s a pretty awesome camera and if I could justify it, I’d be buying it myself.
Anyway, it’s going on eBay soon unless she finds someone to sell to directly. She says she’ll make a good deal on it. If you’re interested, email me and I’ll put you in touch with her. She can then answer any questions you might have.


Holiday offers from Think Tank

(Affiliate links above and below. The way this works is that you buy something, saving some money in the process, I get a little taste. It's a win-win! Oh, and the text below is from Think Tank. What, you think I wrote it?)

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have announced two holiday special offers on their award-winning camera bags.  The first is their Outlet Center, which is chock full of huge discounts.  And second, through December 31st whenever you buy a Think Tank rolling camera bag you will receive Road Warrior Kit for free.  The Road Warrior Kit features 10 Red Whips cable ties, a Cable Management 10 pouch, an AA Battery Holder and a Travel Pouch. That’s $54.50 worth of accessories FREE!  And don’t forget, with our special relationship with Think Tank you will also receive a free gift when you use my special URL, as well as free shipping.  So get shopping!


Happy Holidays!

Here's wishing everyone a happy and stress-free holiday season. Be careful out there in the cold and slippery weather. Go take some winter pictures!
I should really follow my own advice here, but I'll just recycle a picture from the last time we got snow around here (before today's snow, that is).

Affiliate link. If you buy something I get a taste. It's a win-win!
Look! another affiliate link.
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