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November 2016


I’m a little late on this month’s newsletter. Let’s get to it.

Zion workshop report

This year the fall color was running a little late in Zion Canyon. The cottonwoods hadn’t quite turned yet, but there was still some great color to be found and it seemed to get better as the week went on.
On the east side of the park, the Box Elders (maples) looked great and we found a scene with nice red leaves leading to some swirly sandstone in the background. The sun would come and go offering different lighting options. This is my new favorite shot from Zion.

Read the rest of the report on my blog.

Office/studio update

I’m moving in to my office! I’ve painted all the trim and installed storage and built a desk. Now I just need to move my computer (and all that goes with it), files, books, and other.. stuff. Working outside of the house, however close I actually am, is going to take some getting used to. For one, I don’t know if Bailey will want to hang out with me or not. She likes her couch.

Posted 2017 workshops and tours

Here’s what’s on tap so far for 2017:

Columbia River Gorge, Waterfalls and Wildflowers, April

Olympic National Park, May

Washington’s Palouse region, June

Iceland Photo Tour July

Crossroads: Sitka, August  (more below)

In planning: Auroras of Yellowknife for September. Probably around the week of the 17th – 23rd.

Crossroads Sitka

It’s on! The Crossroads Sitka workshop is officially on the books. This is the workshop for those who’ve been taking workshops and now want to use their photography for a purpose or a cause.
During this workshop, you’ll learn about making images that can further the cause of our partner organizations (in this case the Sitka Conservation Society and the Alaska Raptor Center). And these kinds of photographs may not be the same kind you’re used to making. At first you’ll want to photograph the way you always do. By the end of the week you’ll be thinking about the end use of an image and whether or not it will fulfill the “assignment.” It’s an interesting mind-shift to make and will open you to more possibilities with your camera.
Plus: Sitka in August! This is a wonderful time to visit this beautiful place. The forests are lush, the salmon are running, the whales are breaching, the otters are ottering. And if you’re looking to escape the heat of the Lower 48, the climate in Sitka is just the cure. You’ll probably even get rained on.

For more information on what Crossroads is all about, visit the site at
And for more information on this workshop, visit this page.

This workshop has sold each time it’s been offered so if this is something that appeals to you, be sure to start thinking about it now.

In Closing

My granddaughter Lydia just turned one! She's up and about walking all over their house. And Parker is a very loving brother. That will probably last until she starts talking and swiping his toys.

I hope everyone has a happy and stress-free Thanksgiving! I'll be relaxing and playing ball with Bailey. I'm sure she's looking forward to all the scraps from dinner!

Take care, all.
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