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October 2016


Things are moving fast on my new office/studio. I've painted the inside walls and am getting ready to paint the exterior!! We’ve been talking about building this for years and all of a sudden it’s almost done.
I don’t think it’s so much about me needing more space (though I do) as about Tracy needing the space in the house that I’m currently occupying. I mean the space my office is currently occupying. It’s all part of her master plan. She’s actually pretty good at master plans.
Don’t tell her I said that.

Columbia Gorge workshop posted

Do you like waterfalls? That’s like asking if you like puppies. Who doesn’t like waterfalls? Or puppies?
I’ve posted my April 2017 Columbia Gorge Waterfalls trip. But there are more than just waterfalls to photograph. There are also stunning sunrises and gorgeous fields of flowers.
Be warned though, this workshop does involve some physical effort. Several of the waterfalls require some hiking. And it’s uphill. The longest hike we’re likely to take is 4 miles round-trip on a pretty moderate trail. Some others are 1.5 miles round-trip. (Other falls are next to the road). But you will be hiking. It’s not super steep and it’s not grueling. As long as you’re in average shape and are steady on your feet you’ll be fine.

Olympic National Park workshop

I’ve set tentatively the dates for my 2017 Olympic National Park photo workshop: May 16-21.
This year we’ll be spending more time in the forests and on the coast. May is a great time for the rainforests: everything is green and new. And the weather is a bit more…interesting than it is in July, making sunrise and sunset on the coast more interesting as well. A great time to be in the park.
The workshop will start in Forks and end in Port Angeles, where we’ll visit the mountain scenery of Hurricane Ridge.
We’ll also photograph places such as Sol-Duc Falls, Lake Crescent, and more.
More details here. Lodging info is still pending. This workshop is limited to just seven people.

Get some help

We’re nearing the end of another year. And know what that mean. Yes, it’s a time for reflection. But it’s also that time for thinking about getting yourself a special holiday gift.
Let’s talk about reflection first. Let’s look back on your year of photography. How were things? Could they have been better? Is it time, perhaps that you move on from something that may be holding you back? If you’ve ever been frustrated with your main photography partner, it may be time to find a new one. Of course, I’m talking about your tripod. So it’s time to visit (or re-visit) the therapist and examine your relationship with your tripod.
And once you’re done with your session, maybe indulge in some retail therapy!

Iceland 2017

Puffins in Iceland
My July 2017 Iceland trip is now open for signups. This trip will take us to the southeastern coast and include the glacial lagoons and puffins! We'll also see waterfalls, geysers, and the highlands. Take a look a the whole itinerary on my Iceland Photo Tour page.

Sitka 2017

Humpback whale in Sitka Sound
Once again it looks like I'll be going to Sitka for Crossroads Photographic Workshops. This seven-day, fun, and intensive workshop has sold out two years in a row. If you're not familiar with Crossroads, read my 2016 workshop report.
Want to take your photography to the next level and do something meaningful with it? Then consider joining me in Sitka next August. Or, for that matter, join any of the 2017 Crossroads workshops. You'll get a lot out of it.
The dates are yet to be finalized. To make sure you're first to know when the workshop is open to sign ups, be sure to subscribe to the Crossroads Newsletter. You can do that at the bottom of the Crossroads Photographic Workshops home page.

TTG Backlight update

Many of you know how much I rave about The Turning Gate and their suite of web site creating Lightroom plug-ins. The latest from TTG is Backlight, an online website creation tool that made its debut in April 2016. No longer are users tethered to Lightroom's slow-moving Web Module to design sites. Now the only interaction Lightroom has with your site is through the Publishing Services: the TTG Publisher plug-in creates your image albums and uploads the images to your site! It's fast and easy.

And now, with the release of the new WordPress Module,  The Turning Gate has fleshed out its series of Backlight modules so that they now match the capabilities of their previous CE4 line of Lightroom plug-ins.
(For an overview, visit the TTG site)

If you've been struggling with the glacial speed of the Lightroom-based TTG Web plug-ins (Adobe never did show much love for the Web Module, thus inadequate resources were expended on the poor Web Module), you'll be amazed at how fast it is to design and deploy using Backlight.

If you need a professional looking site to display your images, and you're already managing those images through Lightroom, I don't know that you can do any better than using The Turning Gate's tools.

If you want to take a peek at some possibilities, you can roam around my Backlight test site, visit The Turning Gate for some demos, or take a look at sites created by other users in the Backlight Showcase Forum .

(Disclosure: I'm a forum moderator for the TTG support forum as well as a beta tester. That means I get all this fun-stuff for free. But that's the extent of it. I have no financial tie to The Turning Gate, thus no profit motive for harping on the awesomeness of their products. I'm just a satisfied user who took that satisfaction to an extreme, perhaps obsessive, point.)

Feel free to skip this

As some of you know, I’m a sports fan (not a crazy obsessive one though). Baseball and football. The baseball season, for me, is over. My Seattle Mariners came really close to making the playoffs. And to be honest, I’m pretty happy with the season they had. Last year was such a dud and this year the team really showed some grit. They just need one or two more pieces and perhaps Seattle will finally be hosting a World Series. (Yes, that was the requisite “Wait until next year!!” cry.)
But my disappointment is tempered by the Seahawks. Two games that were rather tepid and some scary looking injuries to Russell Wilson have turned into a pretty good 3-1 start to the season, with an offense that looks really versatile and a defense that just keeps doing the same thing it has been for the last few years: being at the top of the NFL. So I’m very optimistic about the Hawks.
And that’s sports talk. Join me next month when I discuss the strategies of infield shifts in Major League Baseball.
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Awesome Website creation plug-ins for Lightroom
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