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September 2016


Another late newsletter. Sorry. I spent the first ten days of the month way up north in Yellowknife. That’s in the Northwest Territories of Canada on the northern shore of Great Slave Lake. Way up there. 62.5 degrees north. The arctic circle starts at about 66.5 degrees north. That’s only about 250 miles from Yellowknife.

I returned home just in time to see my Seahawks pull out a win in their season opener. So yay!



Victoria Dye and I just finished another great aurora tour in Yellowknife. This is my third trip and so far I’m not getting tired of looking at the northern lights. But at least now I can actually start thinking about how to photograph them during a storm instead of just staring up drooling in wonder. This year during an aurora storm I tried pointing the camera straight up and just continually pressing the shutter release. That way I was able to take pictures and watch at the same time. I turned some of those into a moving gif you can see in my trip report on my blog.
And if this makes you want to come along on an aurora trip, I’m taking names for next year. Just send me an email and I’ll put you on my first-notification list.


Another project

Rather, a long delayed project. But it’s happening right now as I write this. The office/studio that I may have referred to in the past is actually being built. It’s not huge, but it will give me more room than the spare bedroom that is currently serving as my home office. Plus this paves the way for the really important project: a future kitchen remodel!
But this doesn’t mean that other projects have ended, no it doesn’t. Still lots of stuff to do in the yard. It may never end.

Improving Lightroom’s performance

Now here’s something I find very useful. Victoria Bampton (aka The Lightroom Queen) has begun a series on optimizing Lightroom’s speed. If you have her Lightroom cc/6 Missing FAQ book, you already have this information on pages 551-563. But here it is in an easy to find blog post.
Here’s her post busting some Lightroom myths, a couple of which I’d fallen for.

I can’t say this too many times. If you’re using Lightroom, you need Victoria’s Missing FAQ book (affiliate link).


I’ve got two trips posted so far for 2017, Palouse and Iceland. You can check them both out on my Workshops site.

I’ll be adding Columbia River Gorge for April and Olympic National Park for May. I’ll do my best to get those posted in the next week or so. There’s even talk of Willamette Valley (Oregon) Wineries in October with a possible fall color add-on trip to Silver Falls State Park.
And I may just be returning to Sitka for another Crossroads workshop next August.
Plus the above mentioned auroras tour in Yellowknife.

Bailey is 11 years old

Back in 2005 our little family grew by one member. Many of you may remember when little Bailey the labradoodle arrived (we actually think there’s some cocker spaniel in her, making her a Labracockadoodledoo).
In fact, she was the lead subject of my very first newsletter!

And now she’s eleven years old. Today in fact! (Sept. 15). She’s still very much the puppy, if a little slower. And she’s got her own blog, which she’s very inconsistent in updating. But she’s just as sweet as the day we got her.

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