Mt. Rainier from Upper Tipsoo Lake, sunset


Since the sky and mountain area was so much brighter than the foreground, I used a two-stop graduated neutral density filter so that I'd be able to capture the scene in one shot (before). You can read more about how I captured this scene in this blog post at the Singh-Ray site (scroll to the bottom of the post).


In Photoshop I darkened the sky further using a Levels Adjustment Layer. Also added a small amount of Saturation to the sunlight area on the right using a Hue and Saturation Adjustment Layer.
And finally I slightly brightened the rock in the lower right and added a bit of contrast and saturation to the green areas around the lake.
At least that's what I remember doing.

So now this image better represents what I remember seeing and feeling that evening.

Grab the slider and move it left and right.