Oregon waterfalls

A Waterfall Lover's Paradise

Like waterfalls? Who doesn't. The Columbia River Gorge and Silver Falls State Park are two areas where you can see a lot of very impressive waterfalls in a relatively small area. In the Gorge you can see waterfalls right at the roadside. Or, if you're just a little more adventurous, you can hit the trails and see a lot more.
And there's more to the Columbia River Gorge than waterfalls. You'll also find great views, outstanding natural areas, and abundant recreational opportunities.
Silver Falls State Park has something like ten waterfalls that are very easy to get to. Most of them involve a little bit of a hike but not much. All the trails are pretty easy and well maintained and they take you right by, and in some cases, right underneath, all the waterfalls.
And then there's Proxy Falls on the McKenzie River. I've only taken the opportunity to visit there once. And it was raining. I still got a couple of nice images. I need to go back.

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